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Engadget picks SmartThings as the top Smart Hub

Engadget today published results of their research of the top 20 Smart Home systems and named SmartThings as it’s recommended pick.  The news shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who uses Iris, but the real shock was that Wink was named runner-up.  Sadly, Iris did not even get a mention.  No system is perfect, but Samsung has chosen to open… Read More »

Cellular Service Discontinued by Lowes

Cellular data service for Iris has been discontinued according to a recently e-mailed announcement from IrisByLowes.  The notice warned that on June 30th all cellular backup service plans would be turned off.  It also stated that current USB modems will not be supported but new modems will be free when the replacement service is launched. In their Cellular FAQ, IrisByLowes suggests some costly workarounds for users who want or need to have… Read More »

Outage is Over – What you need to know!

For most, Tuesday’s Iris outage is over with some experiencing a few minor, lingering issues.  IrisByLowes has released an impact statement with some very helpful troubleshooting information for anyone who is still experiencing issues with their system. On March 8th at approximately 3:00 PM EST the Iris platform experienced a database failure due to a process issue which has since… Read More »