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Goodbye, Iris! Part 2

In the first part of this series we chronicled the instability, the frustration, and inability to achieve any sort of stability with the second generation of Lowe’s Iris. Problems seemed to be everywhere. Some issues were serious, like presence sensors dropping off the system and scenes failing to run to completion. The presence sensor instability had a nasty habit of setting the sirens off at 3am, or… Read More »

Second Generation Iris Videos Online

It looks like Lowe’s has added setup videos for all of the currently known second generation devices on their Iris by Lowe’s Youtube channel. At the time of this post, the videos currently available include: 2nd Generation Hub Pairing and Setup 2nd Generation Smart Plug Pairing and Setup 2nd Generation Smart Fob Pairing and Setup 2nd Generation Keypad Pairing and Installation… Read More »