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These Iris instructional videos will help you get your Iris system setup and working quickly.

Second Generation Iris Videos Online

It looks like Lowe’s has added setup videos for all of the currently known second generation devices on their Iris by Lowe’s Youtube channel. At the time of this post, the videos currently available include: 2nd Generation Hub Pairing and Setup 2nd Generation Smart Plug Pairing and Setup 2nd Generation Smart Fob Pairing and Setup 2nd Generation Keypad Pairing and Installation… Read More »

Flooded out! Testing the Iris Water Leak Detector

A week before Memorial Day 2015 the seemingly unimaginable happened soon after moving in to our new house; a heavy rainstorm dropped several inches of rain in less than a half hour causing the city sewer system to back up into our and several neighbors’ basements.  Having just moved three days prior to the flood the basement was still full of stacks… Read More »

Lowes Iris Hub Setup Tips and Instructions

This handy video will allow you to quickly and easily setup your Lowes Iris Hub which is the heart of the system.  One additional tip is to keep a small paperclip taped to the back of you hub.  Should a problem ever arise and you are asked to reset your hub by technical support, you won’t have to… Read More »