Update: Iris Hub Upgrade v4.02r05 Available

The Iris team has released an upgrade to the Smart Hub.  This release upgrades the hub to v4.02r05 from v4.02r04.  There are no official reports yet as to what fixes or improvements this release brings. We have done some digging into the update and aside from the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes a new “Coming Soon” device is… Read More »

Openness and the Real Iris API

When Iris first launched back in 2012, one of the initial statements from Lowes that it was their goal to open the platform for 3rd party developers.  After 18 months, like some Iris accessories, it’s safe to stay this promise has yet to be delivered too.  I could devote an entire article full of supposition and speculation as… Read More »

Where is the Meter Reader, Tilt Sensor, & Others

As with many big purchases, I exercised due diligence in product research and window shopping before making the initial purchase.  When I was evaluating Iris 4 1/2 months ago, the single most significant advantage of Iris was the wide selection of modules and their availability, online and even in-store.  Iris could do everything or so it appeared. Before… Read More »

Introducing the Iris System Monitor

There are few who would argue that December and the first half of January were not exactly the best months for the Iris system.  A combination of hub updates and system outages closed out 2013 on a sour note for many. Compounding the frustration is the lack of a system status page to turn to when there are… Read More »

Iris Front Line Support Tool Uncovered

While the latest hub firmware release turned out to be pretty much a dud with no important bug fixes or notable enhancements, I did manage to turn up something of interest while taking an in-depth dive into the Iris environment.  What was found confirmed my previous suspicion raised after uncovering the official Iris API documentation; the Iris level 1… Read More »