Iris Front Line Support Tool Uncovered

By | February 4, 2014
FLST Login

FLST Login

While the latest hub firmware release turned out to be pretty much a dud with no important bug fixes or notable enhancements, I did manage to turn up something of interest while taking an in-depth dive into the Iris environment.  What was found confirmed my previous suspicion raised after uncovering the official Iris API documentation; the Iris level 1 support team, those nice folks that you call when you have a problem, are using a web-based tool themselves, probably from the comfort of their own home. 

This tool, known as the Front Line Support Tool or FLST for short, appeared to me almost magically through a badly-placed website redirect while poking around the Iris test and development website.  The FLST site appears to have similar styling and identical coloring as the regular Iris site.  A brief analysis of the underlying JavaScript and CSS styling code didn’t turn up anything of interest, but nevertheless, an interesting find.

We are always looking for more behind-the-scenes Iris details.  Please contact us with any screenshots of the FLST tool or any other system.  Anonymity is guaranteed and no personally identifiable information will be published in any images or content shared.

Since we are not hackers only curious Iris enthusiasts, it was not appropriate to take the discovery any further as we would prefer to work with the Iris team for a behind the scenes story.  To protect the security of the Iris platform we will not disclose this, or any non-publicized URLs of the Iris system.  However, just knowing that the tool exists gives us another interesting glimpse into the world of Iris.

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