Update: Iris Hub Upgrade v3.06r83 Available

By | February 3, 2014
Hub Upgrade

Hub Upgrade

The Iris team has released an upgrade to the Smart Hub.  This release upgrades the hub to v3.06r83 from v3.06r81.  There are no official reports yet as to what fixes or improvements this release brings, but one user over at MyEyesOnIris reports this release supposedly fixes low signal issues with the range extenders.  The user also goes on to report that the range extender will have to be reset for the fix to take place.

If you spot any changes in behavior, features, or functionality please report them to us.

Updated 2-5-14: LivingWithIris reports that they have received a note from a member of the Iris team stating that the firmware fixed an issue where a hub would become separated from the account.

We will continue to monitor for updates to the Iris website and mobile apps.

2 thoughts on “Update: Iris Hub Upgrade v3.06r83 Available

  1. Adrian Chew

    This update doesn’t fix the range extenders low signal issue. I know as I installed it and still have the issue. IRIS support told me that an update is coming soon that focuses on this issue and connectivity issues generally.

  2. Profile photo of EdgarEdgar

    I agree. Has not fixed the problems. I have 2 extenders that have not given me any problems at all and both have a strong signal. On my 3rd, it shows low signal 4 feet from the hub. I went to Lowe’s and replaced it, same problem. Ill have to look at the other 2 but, the one I have the issues with have a date code of 07-13 on it.

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