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An early look at myLowes (Iris)

When you think of myLowes the first thing that comes to mind is that little key tag that cashiers ask to scan each time you make a purchase.  However, at one point in time it was envisioned to be more than a shoppers rewards card, it was Iris!  We have discovered some early regulatory filings made on behalf of Lowe’s by… Read More »

Could AlertMe Omnia be coming to Lowe’s Iris?

Back in September of 2014, AlertMe.com Ltd., the company that created AlertMe Home, the underlying technology used by the Lowe’s Iris system released Omnia, it’s next generation of connected home automation technology. AlertMe Omnia is hyped as a highly scalable, inter-operable and open platform ready to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving connected home space. Omnia improves upon the AlertMe Home platform… Read More »

Openness and the Real Iris API

When Iris first launched back in 2012, one of the initial statements from Lowes that it was their goal to open the platform for 3rd party developers.  After 18 months, like some Iris accessories, it’s safe to stay this promise has yet to be delivered too.  I could devote an entire article full of supposition and speculation as… Read More »