Update: Iris Hub Upgrade v3.06r83 Available

The Iris team has released an upgrade to the Smart Hub.  This release upgrades the hub to v3.06r83 from v3.06r81.  There are no official reports yet as to what fixes or improvements this release brings, but one user over at MyEyesOnIris reports this release supposedly fixes low signal issues with the range extenders.  The user also goes on to report… Read More »

More on the Iris Garage Door Opener

There has been a lot of talk about the recently announced Garage Door Opener that was unveiled at CES 2014 back in January.  This news was initially reported by CEPro with an estimated availability of March 2014.  It appears that Lowes has been busy working on updating portions of the system long before it was announced at CES this… Read More »

Lowes Iris Hub Setup Tips and Instructions

This handy video will allow you to quickly and easily setup your Lowes Iris Hub which is the heart of the system.  One additional tip is to keep a small paperclip taped to the back of you hub.  Should a problem ever arise and you are asked to reset your hub by technical support, you won’t have to… Read More »

Welcome to IrisUsers

IrisUsers.com is a site for users, fans, and enthusiasts of the Lowes Iris system.  Our mission is to deliver information to our members so that they may get the most out of their Iris home automation system. IrisUsers offers ideas, tips, and advice for all types of Iris users, from those with the most basic system to those… Read More »