Appliance Widget Uncovered

Every now and then we peel back the covers on the Lowe’s Iris ecosystem to see what hidden treasures hide within. While we often focus on on the mobile app, today we took a deep dive into the underlying code behind the Iris website and did not come up empty-handed. During our code-splunking we turned up a hidden widget called… Read More »

Could AlertMe Omnia be coming to Lowe’s Iris?

Back in September of 2014, Ltd., the company that created AlertMe Home, the underlying technology used by the Lowe’s Iris system released Omnia, it’s next generation of connected home automation technology. AlertMe Omnia is hyped as a highly scalable, inter-operable and open platform ready to meet the challenges of the rapidly evolving connected home space. Omnia improves upon the AlertMe Home platform… Read More »

The Trouble with Toggles

The Holidays are almost upon us and for many like myself that means lots of lights and decorations.  In our household, last year was the first Christmas with Iris and in retrospect the experience could be described as less of It’s a Wonderful Life and more like Home Alone.  There were times I felt I was playing Macaulay Culkin’s… Read More »

Update: Iris Hub Upgrade v4.02r05 Available

The Iris team has released an upgrade to the Smart Hub.  This release upgrades the hub to v4.02r05 from v4.02r04.  There are no official reports yet as to what fixes or improvements this release brings. We have done some digging into the update and aside from the usual performance enhancements and bug fixes a new “Coming Soon” device is… Read More »