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  • Its a piece of shit.

  • After 4.06r05 (1.31) hub update; a device stops responding to the hub and simply drops out everyday. I have had to remove and install device after device and/or call Iris/Lowes when I simply could not get it back on line. I have nearly 30 devices and they were all working perfectly until 4.06r05 (1.31). Now, no matter what I do … it will not…[Read more]

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    Just installed my 30th device. Iris working great until yesterday when I goofed up installing a control switch for outdoor lights – but, its back now … somehow my hub lost the thermostat and could not refind it for several hours.

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    Clearly, you know a great deal more than I do … however here’s what I found out.

    My hub glitched yesterday – my fault I think – and I was online with Iris tech at midnight to get my system back on … we couldn’t do it. I left the system on “configuring” all night long and the hub went online sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

    While…[Read more]

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