Another Iris Outage? Perhaps not.

By | May 20, 2015

Hub Not FoundIt appears that Iris may be down yet again.  When logging into the Iris website I was greeted with a “Hub not found” error and all of my devices being offline.  Our hub also shows an error indication again.  This marks the second day in a row of system instability for Lowe’s Iris.

Unlike last nights outage, this one appears to be back-end related.  Iris servers are reporting to be up and responding to http requests.

Are you having trouble too?  Leave a comment below.


Update 1:11pm: It appears that something caused our hub to go offline.  A PIN reset brought it back online.  Based on our past experience outages such as these are typically caused by a backend issue and have often accompanied system outages.  We will be closely monitoring the system throughout the day.

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