Iris outage – is Iris down for you?

By | May 19, 2015

Iris OutageIris systems currently appear to be down.  Our Iris system monitor is currently seeing fluctuations in availability on the main Iris website as well as the API server.  Various members of the LivingWithIris forum also are reporting problems with Iris.  Our own IrisUsers hub is currently showing a red trouble light indicating a system issue.

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Update 5/19/2015 10:54PM: All services appear to be back up and stable.  According to a post from IrisByLowes at LivingWithIris forums, the Iris servers were hit by a denial of service attack this evening.  Our Iris System Monitor logs also confirm the event was most likely a denial of service attack with the main Iris website suffering a continuous outage of nearly 30 minutes.

Iris Denial of Service Attack

Iris Denial of Service Attack

2 thoughts on “Iris outage – is Iris down for you?

  1. Profile photo of cbl1cbl1

    Just came back up for me. Can’t complain – first time I have ever noticed down. Just scared me because I had just done a hub update a few hours before and I thought my hub was originally the problem.

  2. Profile photo of Steve WhiteSteve White Post author

    My thoughts exactly. This is the first significant outage of the Iris system in a very long time. Despite all of it’s current limitations, Lowe’s has done a great job of maintaining the availability of the Iris system.

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