New Iris Devices on Sale

By | October 25, 2015


Iris V2 Contact Sensor (courtesy of

Iris V2 Contact Sensor (courtesy of

If you are looking to stock up on the newly released sensors for Iris V2 now might be a great opportunity to do so.

The V2 Comfort and Control Kit can also be had at a $10 savings.  The sale price is currently $129.00 (was $139.00).

Other devices are also currently on sale; the NYCE Tilt Sensor is also on sale for $34.99 (was $39.97) and the GE Remote Lamp Module is on sale for $37.99 (was $40.16).

It’s worth taking note of the fact the new Iris V2 platform has not yet launched and these V2 devices cannot be used with the current Iris hub either.

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