Iris Outage – What you need to know!

By | March 8, 2016

Hub Not FoundIf you are having a problem logging into your V2 Iris system you are not alone. We have been alerted by the Iris management team that there is in fact an outage that is currently affecting the system.

The outage is affecting different users in different ways. Some users are able to log in, other cannot. Those who can login are missing things such as devices, history, or are experiencing odd or unexpected behavior.

Please do not call Iris support for assistance, they cannot help until all systems are back online.

The best course of action is to sit tight; avoid logging into the Iris app and wait for the engineers to fix the problem.  Do not attempt to fix any issues yourself; do not re-pair devices, change rules, or make any other changes.



Update 6:11pm EST:

Here’s a list of issues we are experiencing on our own system.

  • Devices:  Any added/changed in the past 24 hours or so are missing.
  • Rules: Any added/changed in the past 24 hours or so are missing.  Rule pick lists not working.
  • Scenes: Any added/changed in the past 24 hours or so are missing.
  • Security: All Users missing from Alarm Notification List
  • Cameras: Missing one device. (Paired months ago)
  • Climate: All devices except thermostats missing.
  • History: Not updating right now.
  • Water: Card not working.
  • Home & Family: All fobs lost all associations with people.

Update 6:33pm EST:

IrisByLowes has issued the following statement…

On March 8th a portion of the Next Generation platform experienced an issue. Reverting to our most recent backup resolved this issue.

Normal recovery processes can take several hours before full system functionality returns. Until then, it is possible you might experience some abnormal device behavior. Please refrain from troubleshooting your system for the time being. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this resolution.

Update March 9th, 12:49am EST:

IrisByLowes has issued the following statement…

The Iris platform is currently restored with the following exceptions:

– Users are still unable to edit existing rules. This is expected to be resolved by no later than EOD March 9th.

– Some users may have experienced their pin codes no longer working or a loss of authorized people on a lock. This is under investigation for resolution and can be manually repaired by resetting a pin code and/or re-authorizing a person on a lock.

– Users who added an account or devices from 10:00 AM EST on March 7th through 4:00 PM EST on March 8th may not see their new device or account. We are working toward a resolution for this and will continue to provide updates.

– A small percentage of Smart Buttons and Key Fobs may have re-created their default rules (for example a Smart Button triggering a Panic Alarm). We are working to remove those by EOD on March 9th.


In addition to the official statement, we have found that many devices are not controllable at this time.  It is likely there are other issues that have not been directly addressed in their update.

Update March 9th, 10:49am EST:

Through our own testing, we have also learned that this Iris Outage is causing spontaneous alarm activation to occur without any external trigger.



We we will continue to post updates as more information on this Iris outage is available.

2 thoughts on “Iris Outage – What you need to know!

  1. Shree Kumar

    It also looks like, my configured phone is no longer ringing when I tested triggering the alarm by opening a window with a contact sensor! This is seriously bad as it compromises the whole security that IRIS was meant to provide when we are not at home!

    1. Profile photo of Steve WhiteSteve White Post author

      I would go and check your settings to make sure the phone number assigned to your account was not lost. Even if it is there, I would enter it again and save it. Give that a try and let me know how you make out!

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