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An early look at myLowes (Iris)

When you think of myLowes the first thing that comes to mind is that little key tag that cashiers ask to scan each time you make a purchase.  However, at one point in time it was envisioned to be more than a shoppers rewards card, it was Iris!  We have discovered some early regulatory filings made on behalf of Lowe’s by… Read More »

Appliance Widget Uncovered

Every now and then we peel back the covers on the Lowe’s Iris ecosystem to see what hidden treasures hide within. While we often focus on on the mobile app, today we took a deep dive into the underlying code behind the Iris website and did not come up empty-handed. During our code-splunking we turned up a hidden widget called… Read More »

Iris Front Line Support Tool Uncovered

While the latest hub firmware release turned out to be pretty much a dud with no important bug fixes or notable enhancements, I did manage to turn up something of interest while taking an in-depth dive into the Iris environment.  What was found confirmed my previous suspicion raised after uncovering the official Iris API documentation; the Iris level 1… Read More »