An early look at myLowes (Iris)

By | February 27, 2015
Early Iris Device List

Early Iris Device List

When you think of myLowes the first thing that comes to mind is that little key tag that cashiers ask to scan each time you make a purchase.  However, at one point in time it was envisioned to be more than a shoppers rewards card, it was Iris!  We have discovered some early regulatory filings made on behalf of Lowe’s by, the company who designed and built Iris for Lowe’s using their Jupiter platform.  These documents offer aninteresting glimpse into the early days before Iris was launched.

These documents provide insight into features that are still not part of Iris including e-mail and SMS control of the alarm system and devices.  Other documents include certifications, internal views of the Iris hardware, test reports, and more.  We will have additional coverage on those in the near future.


myLowes E-Mail and SMS Control

myLowes E-Mail and SMS Control

E-Mail and SMS control is one feature that didn’t make the cut.  For example, sending a text message to a phone number is all it would have taken to arm or disarm the alarm or control a Smart Plug.  It is unfortunate that E-Mail and SMS control never made it to Iris but only Lowe’s knows why this feature was never implemented.  Given the state of computer security it’s likely that Lowe’s deemed insecurely sending PIN numbers through plain text messaging and e-mail was too risky.

You can control and monitor your home via SMS on your cell phone or by using email. Have your PIN handy. 

Simply send one of the remote commands (see below) followed by your PIN.


Early myLowes/Iris Thermostat Widget

Early myLowes/Iris Thermostat Widget

Thermostat controls have changed considerably since the early myLowes concept as well.  Most notable is the absence of the selection of a dedicated Presence mode of operation.  The myLowes thermostat control had three methods of operation, Hold, Schedule, and Auto with Auto based on temperature-determined selection of heating and cooling triggered by presence information from the keyfobs.

One feature absent in Lowe’s Iris today is freeze protection.  According to the myLowes documentation, even when the heat turned off, the thermostat will turn it on if the house gets too cold.

Q) Won’t my home freeze if I switch the Remote Heating Control to ‘OFF’?

A) Even when your thermostat if off your system will continue to monitor the temperature in your home.  If it gets too cold, your system will automatically switch on, ensuring your home does not freeze.

It’s always fun to peek back in time to see how a product or service has changed from it’s inception.  In looking back at what Iris was envisioned to be nearly three years ago it is clear that the system has significantly evolved in the time since.  As always we will continue our search for insight into Iris; how it works, where it came from, and where it is headed.


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