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    Steve White

    Now that the new site has launched, I would like to get honest feedback on things that can be added, improved, or deleted. Please use this thread to submit your feedback!



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    Ray McCaleb

    I’m in. I like the format of this site and will be watching and participating.

    As far as opinions…yes, the nature of many home automation buffs tends toward the behind the scenes technology…but don’t get lost in that. Keep it simple for those of us that may, or not, be technologically proficient but chose Iris the way we would a new hammer…as a better tool for doing a job. I don’t want to build hammers, or be forced to read through a lot of threads on metallurgy,
    Rockwell hardness, or forging techniques. Reserve an area for in-depth discussion for experts, and provide easy access to the rest of us for the USAGE aspect of the product.

    Quick suggestion: put the LOGIN link in plain view on every pertinent page rather than squirreled away in the META group.

    Thanks for the effort; I’m counting on your/our success.


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    Steve White


    First, please allow me to welcome you to IrisUsers! I took your suggestion about adding a login button to the main menu. Thank you for the tip!

    I completely agree with you in being able to cater those who want to just use their system and get the most out of their investment as well as to those who want to tinker and try to make Iris do what it may not be intended to do.

    Tonight for example, I posted a story about how difficult is to buy certain Iris accessories, while also writing another about the underlying camera technologies and how they integrates with the Iris system.

    I look forward to the many opportunities to exchange information and viewpoints on the Iris System. Please keep the suggestions coming!

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    I’m new to Iris and looking forward to putting it to work for me. Looking for API to extend to IFTTT and other methods of extending the automation services.

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    I’m also looking into figuring out how to access the hub. I want to control it from an app or server without having to involve iris/myhome at all. Locking it down and not allowing any automation unless you pay hasn’t made me real fond of the Iris system. It also hasn’t made it easy to get products that should work but aren’t sold by Lowes to play nicely.

    It would be nice to have a place to share progress we’ve made with reverse engineering the API calls so that we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I am just getting ready to start sniffing wifi and Xbee traffic to see what these things are saying.

    Thanks for the nice site!

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    Joe Capone

    Great site. We love Iris. Just bought a new home with 5 heating zones….adding to the Iris collection for energy efficiency.

    I am curious where we can buy used Iris stuff that people no longer want to use.

    Ideas? Must be lots of thermostats floating around out there that are not even hooked up.

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