New Iris Smart Button Uncovered!

By | July 20, 2015
Setup instructions for the new, unreleased Smart Button.

Setup instructions for the new, unreleased Smart Button.

A search of recently filed FCC documents has revealed that a new Iris Smart button is in line to replace the current Smart Button.

This new Smart Button appears to be smaller than the current device measuring in at 1.75″ wide x 1.75″ tall x 0.57″ thick. It will be powered by a single CR2450 battery but like the old Smart Button, the new one retains the temperature sensor.

The package will include the Keyfob, pre-installed CR2450 battery, Mounting Bracket, Mounting Adhesive, and User Guide.

One interesting feature of this new device is referred to as “Pull-to-Pair”, where removing a plastic tab from the battery compartment is all that is required to setup the device. No more taking the device apart to install the batteries!

The documentation refers to the use of the Smart Button to trigger “Welcome and Goodbye scenes”, including turning devices on and off and setting the thermostat. Perhaps this is an indication that Iris may at last gain a concept of scenes that have long been available in other home automation platforms?

No word yet on when this will be released, however if the recent reduction in pricing for Iris accessories is any clue it may be some time while existing stock is closed out.

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