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Flooded out! Testing the Iris Water Leak Detector

A week before Memorial Day 2015 the seemingly unimaginable happened soon after moving in to our new house; a heavy rainstorm dropped several inches of rain in less than a half hour causing the city sewer system to back up into our and several neighbors’ basements.  Having just moved three days prior to the flood the basement was still full of stacks… Read More »

GE refreshes Z-Wave products with new dimmers, fan controls, more

Over the past few months GE has quietly made changes to nearly their entire lineup of Z-Wave control products by updating existing in-wall switches and dimmers, and by introducing ceiling fan controllers along with a line of plug-in dimmers and switches.  Many of the refreshed devices bring enhancements like user-changeable colors and support for dimmable CFL and LED bulbs while others just get pretty new packaging… Read More »

Where is the Meter Reader, Tilt Sensor, & Others

As with many big purchases, I exercised due diligence in product research and window shopping before making the initial purchase.  When I was evaluating Iris 4 1/2 months ago, the single most significant advantage of Iris was the wide selection of modules and their availability, online and even in-store.  Iris could do everything or so it appeared. Before… Read More »