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Flooded out! Testing the Iris Water Leak Detector

A week before Memorial Day 2015 the seemingly unimaginable happened soon after moving in to our new house; a heavy rainstorm dropped several inches of rain in less than a half hour causing the city sewer system to back up into our and several neighbors’ basements.  Having just moved three days prior to the flood the basement was still full of stacks… Read More »

Hub Update 4.06r05 status; possible Alarm problem?

It’s been almost a week since the 4.06r05 hub update was released that brought support for some yet to be released devices along with the usual “performance enhancements and bug fixes”.   Outside of the issues I’ve recently encountered which I’ll cover shortly, I haven’t seen any firsthand reports of problems associated with the update.   Also receiving significant mentioned in the release notes… Read More »

Iris for iOS 1.9.30 Released

Lowe’s today released an update to the Iris iOS app which adds support for the new GE indoor modules and recently released lock scheduling feature.  Aside from the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, the release notes state that it also fixes an issue with secondary contacts logging into the app.  This update to 1.9.30 is available in the Apple App store… Read More »

The Trouble with Toggles

The Holidays are almost upon us and for many like myself that means lots of lights and decorations.  In our household, last year was the first Christmas with Iris and in retrospect the experience could be described as less of It’s a Wonderful Life and more like Home Alone.  There were times I felt I was playing Macaulay Culkin’s… Read More »