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New $49.99 Iris Hub at

Screenshot of the new Iris hub at

New Iris hub product listing at

It appears that the long wait for the new Iris hub might just be over; a new Iris hub has at last appeared at The listing on Lowe’s site is absent many details outside of what the hub does.  The hub listing describes a Model #1,  SKU 488795 with an initial price of $49.99.

The photo clearly shows the old 1st generation hub (model 520), but this is the first time this SKU has appeared at which is likely just a placeholder for now.  There are also no ratings or reviews available in the product listing at this time too.

It is not currently possible to purchase the hub in store or online.

From the listing…

Iris Smart Hub

  • Core of all Iris™; Smart Home systems that adds intelligence and management for all in-home Iris™; devices
  • Customize how your Iris™; Smart Home system communicates with you
  • Connect security, energy and temperature management devices
  • Create custom use scenarios by adding the devices you need
  • USB port is located on the bottom of the Smart Hub to accommodate plug-in devices

We will have more information as it becomes available.